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Hello world!

January 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Even before I started my high school I knew what I wanted to study: electronics. I was the kind of kid that destroys all of his electronic toys so see how they are working and try to put them together again (well, I mostly failed in that part). But I did kept a full box of cables, batteries, speakers, motors and a buch of other stuff that belonged to my christmas presents and try to make use of them whenever I could. Last time I packed my stuff in my parent’s house, I still could find some of it laying around.

When I reached high school I had also my first real interest in computers and I remember I started to learn Macromedia Flash. It was just so incredible what you could do with it. It was the future! I kept teaching myself (mostly with online resources) how to make flash websites and script using Action Script. Since then, I have gained interest in technologies and my curiosity has led me to learn by myself several of them.

Fast forward some years, I studied my bachelor in electronic engineering, decided than even I like hardware a lot, I was more proficient in software, and then made my masters in informatics. During my masters I really dig HCI, but I went into image processing as my focus, another area which I really liked. The research in image processing is both interesting and challenging, but if I had redone my master again, I would probably go with HCI, it’s just so much more appealing to me now. During my masters I was also flirting with mobile technologies and gain interest in Android, which led me to look for jobs in that area after I graduated.

Writing has never been my thing, and I don’t pretend to create the most impressive narrative ever written in a blog. The origin for this blog came half by my passion, and half by the need to put in use the $20 bucks I spend per year maintaining a hosting that I rarely use, other than to host some images for a friend’s hamburger blog (Yeah, he likes them a lot). And what is my passion? Technologies. I love them (almost like my friend’s love for hamburgers).