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EuroCollector v3

After 2 years, I “finished” the 3rd version my EuroCollector Android app.

It was only over a weekend that I finished this release. I can’t believe I let this new version sitting there in my computer for two full years without any work accomplished being most of the work already done. I really don’t remember why I stopped working on it, probably I was overloaded with the new job and getting married =).

However, now it’s out there. The only downside: Commemorative coins were removed. This is basically because I started from scratch with this new release. The previous version was actually my first android app ever and there were so many things that I could improve from the code perspective that I had to start blank to make the app easier to maintain and update.

On the good side, I’ve added a nice tablet UI and support for specific year and mint marks, not to forget the addition of Latvia and Estonia as new Euro Zone members.

I just need to remind you that this app was made as a hobby and basically because I needed something to track my coins. Work will continue on the app but at a slowly peace as usual. Go to the Google Play to download it and feel free to give me your feedback and thoughts on the app.

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