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I’m done with T-Mobile DE (Germany).

I got a new HTC One last week for renewing my contract with the “Telekom”. I put up with the fact they didn’t have the black version, anyways the silver one is not that bad. As soon as I got it, I started to read on the traditional android blogs that 4.2.2 was being pushed. First in Asia, then east Europe… and early this week, to the rest of Europe. Non-branded Ones, even Vodafone or O2 branded phones got the update in Germany. All of them… except T-Mobile of course. I had a similar experience with an HTC Sensation I had some time ago, and then I had to install a ROM for updating.

This time I really wanted to stay off rooting/unlocking the phone for some time. But the lack of timely updates has made me flash a De-branded stock Rom to my HTC One. Finally I have 4.2.2!

The process was actually easier than expected. So, in case you want to “de-brand” your HTC One, here are the steps I followed and the links where you will find the complete procedure for each step:

Usual disclaimer: Blah blah, root your phone at your own risk, blah blah you may void your warranty, etc.

  1. Unlock the bootlader. You can do it directly in the website. They explain you the procedure to unlock your phone. A video following the instructions here.
  2. Root your phone. This is needed to later gain S-OFF of the device. Follow the video instructions posted here.
  3. Gain S-OFF via revone. This small utility will get you S-OFF and you can get if from here. Also, a detailed video of the procedure is here.
  4. Change CID so that you receive the updates and can install a stock HTC system version. Follow the steps mentioned in this post, except instead of wrting the CID to 11111111, write HTC__001. Another useful post on this topic is this one.
  5. Flash a RUU stock rom. You can find most of them here. I used RUU_M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.7_Radio_4A.13. 3231.27_10.31.1131.05_release_310878_signed.exe.
  6. That’s it! Keep getting the updates from Settings -> Check for updates until you get Android 4.2.2

Hope this help you getting rid of T-Mobile bloatware and delayed updates.


After reinstalling all my apps, I noticed in the settings that the phone is marked as a “Test device” in some places. Also when you try to enter recovery mode you can briefly see a red warning mentioning this. This is because the phone is in S-OFF. To remove this notification and possible other “side effects”, you just need to put S-ON again via the revone tool. Because you lost root flashing the RUU, you will need to root again the phone installing the recovery again. Probably you could avoid all this if before flashing the RUU, you put the phone in S-ON again. In my case, I don’t want to flash the system again as I already installed and set up the phone for a second time.


I got Android 4.3 already on day 1 as well. So the method keeps working.

Hello world!

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Even before I started my high school I knew what I wanted to study: electronics. I was the kind of kid that destroys all of his electronic toys so see how they are working and try to put them together again (well, I mostly failed in that part). But I did kept a full box of cables, batteries, speakers, motors and a buch of other stuff that belonged to my christmas presents and try to make use of them whenever I could. Last time I packed my stuff in my parent’s house, I still could find some of it laying around.

When I reached high school I had also my first real interest in computers and I remember I started to learn Macromedia Flash. It was just so incredible what you could do with it. It was the future! I kept teaching myself (mostly with online resources) how to make flash websites and script using Action Script. Since then, I have gained interest in technologies and my curiosity has led me to learn by myself several of them.

Fast forward some years, I studied my bachelor in electronic engineering, decided than even I like hardware a lot, I was more proficient in software, and then made my masters in informatics. During my masters I really dig HCI, but I went into image processing as my focus, another area which I really liked. The research in image processing is both interesting and challenging, but if I had redone my master again, I would probably go with HCI, it’s just so much more appealing to me now. During my masters I was also flirting with mobile technologies and gain interest in Android, which led me to look for jobs in that area after I graduated.

Writing has never been my thing, and I don’t pretend to create the most impressive narrative ever written in a blog. The origin for this blog came half by my passion, and half by the need to put in use the $20 bucks I spend per year maintaining a hosting that I rarely use, other than to host some images for a friend’s hamburger blog (Yeah, he likes them a lot). And what is my passion? Technologies. I love them (almost like my friend’s love for hamburgers).