thermalwear: an android wear app for tado°

February 21, 2015 — 2 Comments

You are probably familiar with Nest, the smart thermostat of Google. Well, it turns out is not available in Germany yet, so after some research I found the alternative tado°. It’s basically a home thermostat automation device, that similarly than Nest, connects to the internet to make your Thermostat smarter. However, the key feature from tado over the Nest, is that the automatisation algorithm uses a presence detection based on a mobile app installed in each of the residents of your house. That means, all residents have the app installed in their phones and tado knows if there is anyone home, or people are away, and adjust the house temperature based on this.

I actually liked the idea a lot, since you don’t depend on having a fixed scheduled for every day, making tado more intelligent than Nest (I believe the presence detection from Nest is just based on a physical presence sensor on the device, if the Nest is installed in a not common area of the house were people are constantly passing by, it might not be very accurate).

I decided to make an android wear app just for the sake of learning the platform, and since I got the new toy some months ago, which didn’t have android wear compatibility, it was the perfect case to try it out.

The bad news is that tado does not have an official public API like Nest. The good news is that they do have an API which is fairly easy to call and discover through snooping into their mobile and web apps traffic. I first got the hint from this post from @hardware_hacks. Then I realized there is a newer API version (1.5) with even more information. The ugly news is that they require sending username and password on every call in the query string. Of course is done through https but if they provided a public api with a proper oauth 2.0 authorization method, I would feel more confortable. Hopefully if they think to integrate tado with more platforms in the future they will officially release a documented API.

After a weekend and a couple of nights working on the app. I’m happy to release the first android wear app for the tado: thermalwear

It pretty much does all the things you would want to control from a smart watch (I think):

  • See current status.
  • See current users presence.
  • Set target temperatures for: home, sleep, manual modes (the setpoints can only be set if you are currently in that mode)
  • Switch tado mode to: auto, manual, off.

I tried to follow the android wear UI guidelines and overall I’m quite happy with the result. Because I cannot access your tado app settings, the app requires to enter your login credentials in its mobile companion app. You just have to do this one time and no need to open the mobile app ever again.

So go get it from the Play Store and don’t forget to give me some feedback!

Get it on Google Play


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2 responses to thermalwear: an android wear app for tado°

  1. Such a shame it doesn’t work on the original gear. Well done for creating it tho.

    • Hi Neil, Can you elaborate on what do you mean by “it doesn’t work”? It should work on all android wear devices.

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